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Since 2002, OEM has been supporting conference and exhibition events with online technology to help to improve on online exhibitor manual. Our proven software solutions and our extensive knowledge from the exhibition industry since 1991 in exhibition registration services combine to give you a tailor-made environment free solution for your exhibition business.

OEM is an electronic version of a printed hard copy of exhibitor manual. The online exhibitor manual included static informative section, which provides information on health and safety and rules and regulations. The other section is the dynamic forms and checklist. The forms and checklist section provide exhibitors with the necessary information to submit orders for electricity, food and beverage, health and safety declarations and furniture/stand accessories. Our online system delivers real time online solutions for Organizer, Exhibitors, Contractors and Visitor, with ASP and .ASP.NET. technology. We offer a powerful global platform for exhibitions and conferences that supports every participant from concept to reality.

OEM is an environment free system and paperless possible online customized system that able to direct access through internet for Organizer, exhibitors, Contractors, as well as visitors 24/7. The online system is the ultimate, comprehensive online event planning product to empowering your show. The paperless possible online system is capable of managing and executing every task in the exhibitor manual, and launching a successful event. Its powerful intuitive database online captures every detail of an event. OEM also provides customize function and design layout to create your event with budget capabilities, real time reporting and much more.


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